How many passengers can the bus carry?

One office bus can transport 25 employees of your company.

Can I arrange an exclusive bus for my company?

That is certainly possible! You can first test for a few months what the added value of the office bus is for your company. Afterwards you can make a commitment for a longer period.

Is an office bus good for the climate?

Absolutely, because a full office bus only has a CO2 emission of one sixth of all passenger cars that should be used to get the passengers to work. Commuting to work together is therefore not only a lot more pleasant for yourself, it also benefits the climate!

Is an office bus not a pricey alternative to the existing mobility solutions?

With an office bus you save on the consumption of company cars, you need fewer parking spaces and there is less absenteeism related to stress. Moreover, an office bus is 120% tax deductible for the company, and you can equip the bus with your own house style. A valuable marketing test!

How are the buses used during the day, between the outward and return journey?

The buses can be used by the companies as a mobile meeting room, extra office space, for group travel, etc. Between the outward and return journeys, you can use the bus for anything and everything!

What if my company has fewer than 25 potential users?

If your company does not have enough users to deploy a full office bus, you can discuss with companies in the vicinity whether collaboration is possible. In this way, several companies can immediately enjoy the benefits of an office bus.